Andrew Ormandy

Having been diagnosed with depression in 2011 and being made redundant twice it would be easy to sit back and feel hard done by…….but this is not what Andrew Ormandy is about!

Rather, he has taken a passion and turned it into a full-time career that is having rave reviews where ever he appears.

Andrew’s working career has spanned talk-back radio, Government, promotional marketing and in the not for profit sector in disabilities health education and research at executive management levels.

This journey has given Andrew a wide range of experiences and skills acquisition that he is now putting to good use as a new business owner and professional entertainer and MC.

He says he now has a Board meeting every morning in the shower, sets his own KPIs and exceeds them every day and no longer has a JOB he just has FUN!

An accomplished MC, Andrew has national clients engaging his talent and services across Australia. Combining public speaking with a confident friendly style, Andrew endears himself to delegates and speakers alike while ensuring the theme of the conference or event is to the fore.

Andrew’s approach is that the MC is ‘not the show’ rather, he is the conduit to a successful event.

Andrew is also sought after as a Key Note Speaker where his presentation is titled ‘Finding Your Inner Clown!’

His message is simple – Work that is FUN gets done and the glass is always half full no matter how much has been drunk or spilt!

With a three-letter word for a career…FUN, Andrew is happy to share his story to offer a ‘light bulb moment’ for the audience to take-away.

Andrew also facilitates ‘team building’ sessions where his story can be combined with ‘hands-on’ magic tuition for attendees to impress their friends and family with.

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