Art From My Heart

Creativity can come from opportunity, necessity, moments in time that have been of influence both conscious and sub-conscious or a combination of all..

Art is an emotional connection between the artist and the subject that may also connect with others. As the saying goes ‘art is in the eyes of the beholder’.

As a young boy growing up in Broken Hill I was influenced by the work of the ‘Brushmen of the Bush’ - Pro Hart, Jack Absalom, John Pickup, Eric Minchin. Each has their own unique style, but the biggest influence has been Pro Hart who tested the boundaries using various techniques (air cannons, throwing paint from tins, intricate brushstrokes, flicking paint brushes, steel wool etc.) and media (miner’s crib tins, miner’s helmets, canvas, masonite, car panels, carpet etc.).

Pro’s subject matter was eclectic from ants, dragon flies and bush scenes to issues of the day and history, like life as a miner above and below the ground, events such as St Patrick’s Races, Australia’s Bi-Centennial and more.

For over 50 years my artistic creativity has been dormant until recently when I was introduced to a gifted South Australian artist Mark Lobert. Mark ignited the creative spark in me with his bright colour palette and broad subject matter (albeit his trade mark is the poppy!). His technique is different and refreshing and he is happy to share with other artists. 

I have had an idea in my head for as long as I can remember to paint using medical syringes and different gauge needles. Maybe as a son of a surgeon I was influenced sub-consciously as well as Pro Hart’s eccentricity?

Combining with techniques learned from Mark Lobert and other artists, I have created my own unique style. I paint for me first and then if others enjoy the end result it provides immense satisfaction and pride. 

As a further example of my eccentricity, each of my paintings has a wax seal affixed that contains a drop of my blood mixed in to provide DNA authentication instead of being originally signed! 

I believe the destination is not as important as the journey getting there. That journey has many changes to the planned route and the experiences are valuable and open to share with any who may be interested.

Thanks Mum and Dad for starting me on my journey - who knows when it will end?