Andrew is one of those rare people you come across in life who has the ability to light up a room (with or without matches) and engage an audience as the occasion at hand requires.

His voice reflects his early Adelaide radio training and DJ experience when black vinyl was the source of music and live bands were all the rage. Not much has changed……well at least his voice still has the deep timbered resonance!

After years of being asked to MC various events and functions (including the opening of an envelope!), Andrew decided that events and functions needed a MC refresh in addition to the standard role of standing at the lectern to announce when the main course would be brought out and introduce the speakers and guest of honour.

AMAZO the Magician is one of Andrew’s alter egos –‘the MC who brings a touch magic to your event’. Andrew brought his long love of magic together with his talent and wit as a public speaker and storyteller. In his relaxed and ‘understated’ suit, t-shirt and colourful sandshoes, AMAZO involves the audience as they pray that they won’t be the ‘volunteer’!

Whether you are after pre-function walk around magic, MC for corporate events/gala dinners, table magic, working the exhibitor’s displays or attending trade functions (golf days and other corporate networking), Andrew and his alter ego AMAZO will provide moments that will be fondly associated forever with you and your organisation.

Andrew’s other alter ego Bumbles the Clown has his own unique way of being remembered - he says unashamedly ‘magic performed badly – laughter guaranteed’. Bumbles is a hit with young and old and has brought back the art of being funny without being ‘blue’ (with exception of his nose sometimes!).

Andrew and his alter egos AMAZO the Magician and Bumbles the Clown have broad experience across corporate, charity and private functions as the below testimonials support.